Alfred Baumgartner & Paul Amrod „The missing verses“

This CLEARSOUND JAZZ-Album presents 18 jazz standards in their original form. As these songs from musicals or films became jazz favorites, the tendency to concentrate on variations on the refrain led to dropping more and more verses. When finally all these shortened songs appeared in the “Realbook”, musicians around the world could play them together, as they all had the same songbook. The disadvantage of this development was that many musicians no longer knew of the missing verses, which had made the songs richer and more colorful – in time the frequent repetition of the refrain tended to flatten the story. The refrain alone does not add depth, so one has the choice of playing more variations on the melody, or not singing at all – many jazz groups have dropped the vocals entirely. The goal of this Album is to present the whole story: the documentation of the intro, the verses, and the refrain. It would be possible to improve on the quality of the singing, but the accompaniment and production by Paul Amrod is masterful. He has been playing these songs since he was a child, and has studied and played with jazz stars Maceo Parker and Chick Corea in New York.




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